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Nautical Dive Bar.
Boats, Booze and Buns. Hand Cut Ice. Good Times.

Food By Ike’s Rack Shack, out the back.
Check it.

421 Rathdowne Street Carlton 3053
Tel 03-9347-8171

Monday – Thursday 4pm – 1am
Friday – Saturday 1pm – 1am
Sunday 1pm – 11pm

We publish a quarterly magazine, host our Co-Op Kitchen and throw parties. Subscribe and Prosper.

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Stuff you might like: Prospector and Co.

Sailors and facial hair. They go together like cherry coke and Sailor Jerry rum. It’s just basic chemistry.

On land we seem to have silently agreed that only the most manly of men sport facial hair. Just look at our manager Max. Those luscious, auburn chinlocks certainly don’t come from an excess of oestrogen.

We’re not saying you need a lot of facial hair to prove you have testicles. Some of us just don’t have the genetic pre-disposition to enjoy a thick and full beard. Others struggle to even maintain a respectable amount of stubble.

Regardless of the specific type of hair sprouting from your chinny-chin-chin, we can all agree that past the age of 13, stealing your mother’s razor and using supermarket-quality shaving cream just ain’t gunna cut it. Literally.

Real men don’t necessarily have more hair, but they do look after it.So if you’re looking to get a bit fancy with your shaving routine, let us recommend Prospector and co. They describe themselves as a company for those who seek purpose and forethought in their skin and shave products.
We think that’s a lot to seek out of a bottle, unless it contains rum, but never the less they make some pretty great stuff.

Take for example, this - a beard oil with a hardy, masculine fragrance as well as moisturising and conditioning qualities – you know, for your soft side, wherever it’s hiding.



blue bonnet

Blue Bonnet BBQ

We’re back into Co-Op Kitchen season and we’re pretty excited about our first guest Blue Bonnet BBQ. The workings of our good mate Chris Terlikar, he’s stood behind the burners of Seamstress, Auction Rooms and currently at North Melbourne’s twenty&six. Over the holiday season, Chris took over the twenty&six backyard with his impressive smoker and sold out on a daily basis, serving up some delicious Texas style BBQ while the cafe was closed for Xmas. He certainly showed he’s got the talent to smoke, but also showed a few of the tricks he learnt on a recent epic trip of the Southern States.

We’ve roped him in for a session every month and we’re pretty sure he’s got the goods to deliver some of the best smoked meats you’ve tasted in the city. Chris’ fine dining background also lends credence to the quality of the sides on offer and we’re stoked to have such a passionate and dedicated BBQ guy smoking out our kitchen.

Follow their fine work on the tweets. 


We Hate Closing

We’ve got to do it sometime. So we’re closed for a few days, but back open again and then closed again. Have a great Xmas and New Years, but pop in in-between to escape the inlaws or just flog the horse while it’s down. You ate too many leftovers, why look after yourself inbetween Xmas and New Year? So you for a schooner sooner. 

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SAILOR JERRY x THE BEAUFORT Christmas Carnival Carousal

ca·rous·al  (k-rouzl)
A riotous drinking party.
2. Boisterous drunken merrymaking or revelry.

Just so you know we didn’t misspell Carousel, it’s a real word and it’s what’s happening. Most companies at this time of year throw some sort of party to make sure that they win new business for the coming year, get all their clients drunk and then make them committ to million dollar deals and 5 year contracts. Well, this is kind of the same thing, but we don’t want anything in return. It’s to say thanks to all our awesome locals and supporters for a ripping 2013. We’ll give you tattoos, cut your fade in (thanks to the legends at Eureka Rebellion Trading) feed you (thanks to Chingon and Miss Katie’s Crab Shack). There are also some carnie style games, instead of winning plush toys, we’ll pour shots in your mouth. Mohair Slim is going to be playing his smooth beats and everyone will have a good time. We love you.

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Szechuan Shakedown

Adding currency to the theory that chefs shouldn’t be graphic designers, this Monday’s Co-Op kitchen is The Szechuan Shakedown. Two highly talented young chefs from the kitchens of PM-24 and Epocha are on hand to lay down their incredible interpretation of Szechuan classics.
To start out they’re dropping a Dry Fried Szechuan Chicken and Spicy Fried Eggplant.

We’re super excited to see what these boys produce and only hope the menu is better designed than the flyer! We kid, these guys can really cook and this menu is going to be ring-stingin’ hot.

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This tasty lager beer is the result of a brewing colab from Christian Skovdal Andersen of Beer Here and Adam Betts from one of our distributors, Northdown. The Edge Brewing Project stems from the two guys getting together over a mutual love of beers and brewing gypsy style, meaning they use other facilities but their own ingredients and know how to make super solid beers. The Cool Hops sports some design so shit, that it’s almost good. A hop cone riding a surfie in a sea of beer is on the borderline, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.
This is an Australian Lager and we’ve run on it our guest tap, loved it and now stock it permanently in bottles. While it’s a great way to get Carlton loyalists to take a day trip to flavour country, it’s also the perfect beer for when you want to smash something down but you possess a palate that’s evolved beyond that of a 15 year old that just got their braces off and is allowed to eat confectionary for the first time in 3 years.
Lagers often get overlooked because brewers are too busy trying to outdo each other with wacky brews and shit they’ve revived from medieval mead recipes. So a nice up front hop character melts away and make this incredibly refreshing, like a lager should in most people’s minds.
Look forward to whatever else this colab brings, even if is only for the ironic/awesome labels.  



A while back now, our buddy Frank shot some snaps for us. Like only Frank can in her own unique style, she manages to capture some timeless moments, in the most perfect light. “Frank shoots reality” and she really loves to shoot girls eating stuff, especially phallic stuff. She nails it.